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February 2001


December 2000 / January 2001
Due to an editing error, senior writer Seth Mnookin's response to January's Report From the Ombudsman misidentified the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune as a Kansas newspaper. It serves Lawrence, Massachusetts.
1 In the December/January Ticker column, staff writer Jesse Oxfeld miscounted the number of times Newsweek has used the phrase "the Austin powers" to refer to George W. Bush's Texas brain trust. The magazine also used the term twice in 1999; the correct total is eight.
1 In November's "Overkill," we reported that Douglas Clifton, editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, had fired veteran employees. In fact, Mr. Clifton "reorganized" the paper's newsroom -- he offered to buy out the contract of one columnist who subsequently resigned, and a freelancer's column was dropped.
1 In October's "Favorite Son," we referred to a "front-page correction" in the Baltimore Sun. The correction ran on the second page.

Winning the Blame Game
In December/January's "Winning the Blame Game" [Spinners], we reported that the videogame Max Payne had been released commercially. Although the press has had access to versions of the game, the public will not be able to buy it until later this year.



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