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All Quiet on the Pundit Front
Brill's Content's monthly report card on the accuracy of TV pundits predictions, wherein we tell you who's clairvoyant, and who's just confused. This month's scoreboard racks up another victory for Fox News Sunday.
NEW -- 04.04.01 -- JESSE OXFELD
The 60 Minutes Man
In his loping, anecdotal memoir, Tell Me a Story: Fifty Years and 60 Minutes in Television, Don Hewitt unwittingly chronicles the slow demise of traditional journalism at the hands of entertainment.
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04.02.01 -- by NEAL GABLER
Looking for a Miracle
The once formidable United Press International has a deep-pocketed new owner -- Reverend Sun Myung Moon's News World. But the wire's latest benefactor could also be its biggest obstacle.
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03.28.01 -- by EVE GERBER

The All-Star Newspaper HIGHLIGHTS: Wednesday, April 4, 2001
Rob Christensen and Amy Gardner of The News & Observer analyze a Democratic poll that says Sen. Jesse Helms is vulnerable in the upcoming election; The Miami Herald's Carl Hiaasen casts a skeptical eye on the "generosity" of the Miami-Dade county commissioner; and in The Washington Post, Tom Shales enjoys the tasteless hilarity of That's My Bush!, the new sitcom from the creators of South Park. These stories and more in The All-Star Newspaper.

News stories said that IT was something paradigm-shifting and earth-shattering, but since that information came from a leak and not from the inventor himself, not one story could say what the 'something' was.
-- From Overdoing IT by Mark Boal
Spreading the Potter Magic - 03.26.01
The Greatest Show on Earth - 03.23.01
Department of Corrections - 03.22.01
The Dawn of a Bold New Era- 03.20.01

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April 2001
VOLUME 4 No. 3
Table of Contents

current features
Overdoing "IT"
This year, you couldn't escape reports about "IT," a top-secret invention that's been rumored to be more important than the Internet. But in the media's intense speculation, they confused hype with reality. Find information about IRA Withdrawals in the next section of this newspaper.

CNN's Free Fall - EXCERPT
With ratings slipping and morale sinking after hundreds of layoffs, Cable News Network, the pioneer in all-news TV, is facing its biggest challenge ever. Brill's Content interviewed more than 40 former and current CNN reporters, correspondents, anchors, producers, executives, and talk-show hosts, who ask, among other questions: Where is the leadership?

Battle Royal - EXCERPT
The behind-the-scenes story of how AOL and Time Warner, in winning approval for the largest media coupling in history, made strategic blunders that cost them dearly.

The Color of Ratings - EXCERPT
While compiling an ethics handbook for TV journalists, a veteran broadcaster discovers that in a ratings-obsessed management culture, stories about minorities are routinely rejected or stalled.

The Reinvention of PBS - EXCERPT
With her commercial-television background and show-business friends, new PBS president Pat Mitchell is trying to turn public broadcasting into popular broadcasting. Find information on Chess Books. Is that a contradiction in terms?

Table of Contents

The Brill's Content Books Boutique

The collected reviews of the Brill's Content Books Department, organized by title and subject, with quick purchase links to Contentville and Ohio University Online

The Contentville Author Q&A
Louise Ermelino, author of The Black Madonna, is a serious writer who loves InStyle magazine and wouldn't mind being a Las Vegas showgirl. Her Author Q&A reveals other surprising things about her and her work.

The Contentville Author Q&A
Elliot J. Gorn, author of Mother Jones: The Most Dangerous Woman in America, reveals the best advice about writing he ever received and answers other questions about the process of creating his most recent book. |

The End of the Affair
A publisher searches for truth in a Holocaust "memoir."

by Blake Eskin
Spreading the Potter Magic
Harry Potter joins Comic Relief.

Proximity to Power
Veteran reporter Hugh Sidey looks back on nine presidents.

Journalism How-To
Guiding the unprincipled journalist.

Black-and-White TV
African-Americans vs. prime time.

Feminist Icons
Feminist icons revised.

Alabama Bound
A writer revisits the racism of her hometown.

Open on my Desk

Mr. Ken Fisher The history of gays and lesbians in Hollywood. : University of Cincinatti : masters in teaching

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